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Rio Dradjat

Architect – Designer – Singer/Songwriter – Dreamer

Satrio Dradjat, B.Arch., M.A.Arch.

Architect / Urban Designer

For millennias the human species has emerged to be the singular species to have full dominance over the planet. Civilizations and empires rise and fall, civic and societal ideals transform and develop, fundamental knowledge of the universe evolves. Yet the same ideals are present in all eras of humankind: how to live, and how to live better. Urbanization is inevitable in dealing with human growth, but how do we design it so that we truly live in a better world; better for the livability of our current generation, for our next generation, for the sake of the environment, and ultimately for the continuation of the survival of our species?

Rio’s linkedIn profile can be accessed here.
Rio’s portfolio can be viewed here.

Singer / Songwriter

Music Albums

Rio’s self-recorded indie albums including the latest album “Last Wednesday” released back in 2010 can be accessed here.


Updated music channel featuring latest songs and covers by Rio and other collaborating musicians can be accessed here.

The Neighbors DXB

The Dubai-based cover band “The Neighbors DXB” has performed in many events especially in local festivals and street markets, and also entertain at private events and parties. Instagram account is here.


Ayang Cempaka Studio

Ayang Cempaka Studio is an art and design studio based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Lead remotely from Dubai by Ayang Cempaka, the studio employs a small team of creative designers and production crew that produces and sells art and novelty products, paper goods, gift items, and many more. Rio is a partner and consultant at the studio.

Ayang Cempaka’s personal Instagram account can be accessed here.
AC Studio online store can be accessed here.


Satrio Dradjat, B.Arch, M.A.Arch.

Dubai, UAE